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19550423 Contemporary Press aan Matthijs Vermeulen

Contemporary Press


Matthijs Vermeulen

New York, 23 april 1955

April 23, 1955

Dear Mr. Vermeulen,

We hope that our last letter has reached you and that you have found the opportunity to read our pamphlet "Nuclear Tests − A Universal Threat". Your comments and suggestions to this would be appreciated and welcome.

Since that time many of the friends of our publication, CONTEMPORARY ISSUES, have read an English translation of your article "De Atoomwapens en ons Geweten". The information on the radioactive curtain proposed between East and West Europe, the heartfelt appeal against the present madness, and the honesty and uniqueness of the statement, have prompted us to consider for republication the translation of the article in our journal.

I do hope that there exists no restriction against this consideration to give the statement an English-speaking audience.

Under separate cover I am taking the liberty to send you one of our latest issues.

Cordially yours,

Lorenzo Mercado

for Contemporary Issues

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