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19480115 Manfred George - Aufbau aan Matthijs Vermeulen

Manfred George (redacteur Aufbau)


Matthijs Vermeulen


New York, 15 januari 1948


January 15, 1948

Dear Mr. Vermeulen:

We have received from our Swiss correspondent a report on Richard Strauss' new composition, "Metamorphosen" in which he refers to an article you wrote about the subject which was published by "De Groene Amsterdamer". According to your article, Strauss wrote this piece as a "last greeting to Adolf Hitler, his beloved fuehrer" a quotation made by the newspaper "Het Parool".

It would interest us very much indeed to know the source of these statements because we would like to give them wide publicity, if we can prove here that they are true.

In a few days, the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra which, as you may know, is New York's leading orchestra, will present the first performance in this country of the "Metamorphosen" and in this connection it is extremely important for us to have authentic material on this matter.

The American publishers of the Strauss composition, Boosey & Hawkes, have issued a statement denying all connections between this work and Hitler.

We shall appreciate any information you can give us on the subject and we hope to hear from you by return mail.

Thank you.

Yours very truly,

Manfred George



Verblijfplaats: Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties UvA