19550219 Howard Hartog aan Matthijs Vermeulen

Howard Hartog


Matthijs Vermeulen

London, 19 februari 1955

14 Kensington Court

London W.8

Dear Mr Vermeulen,

I have been invited by Routledge, Kegan Paul1 to edit a symposium on contemporary European Music. The subject to be treated historically and critically.

At Peter Stadlen's suggestion (he is contributing) I am writing you to contribute 7-9,000 word article on music in Holland + Belgium (no music type). Relate it if possible to the general European situation but omit consideration of the conservative composers, except incidentally: we are here concerned with genuinely contemporary music

I am afraid the fee offered is £ 26.50 but there will be wide publicity. The article may be written in Dutch & will be translated here.

I do hope you can see your way to letting me have the article by the l2th May

Yours sincerely

Howard Hartog

Verblijfplaats: Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties UvA

  1. Dit is uitgeverij Routledge & Kegan Paul.