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19530129 Horace A. Eaton aan Matthijs Vermeulen

Horace A. Eaton


Matthijs Vermeulen

Syracuse, N.Y. (U.S.A.)

330 Ostrom Avenue,

Syracuse IO, N.Y., U.S.A.,

29 January 1953.

Dear Mr. Vermeulen,

Will you permit a stranger and a foreigner to express my delight with your article, Hoe de Goden Sterven, in De Groene of the 3rd. of January? I read it yesterday and was deeply impressed by both what you said and the passionate sincerity with which you said it. I feel deeply grateful to you and must tell you so.

For two years I was the Rector of the Quakerschool Eerde at Ommen and have visited it twice since, for I have many friends in Holland. As a spoken language I find Dutch impossible! But I read it easily and to keep in touch with The Netherlands which I greatly love, I see regularly De Groene and Elzivers [bedoeld is: Elseviers Weekblad]. This is merely to explain how your article came into my hands so far off. But rarely do I see such inspiring essays as yours. Very gratefully yours,

Horace A. Eaton

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