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19471105 Ernst Levy aan Matthijs Vermeulen

Ernst Levy


Matthijs Vermeulen

Bennington, Vermont, 5 november 1947

le 5 novembre 47

Mon cher Matthys,

J'avais demandé à un de mes amis, Mr. Mark Silverberg, qui a une fabrique d'articles d'enfants, de m'aider dans l'affaire du paquet pour Roland. J'entendais par là qu'il prenne en mains la confection du paquet, ainsi que l'envoi avec toutes les formalités que cela comporte, vu qu'il m'est pratiquement impossible de faire cela depuis ici. En voici la lettre que je viens de recevoir. Il a fait tout et plus, et bien entendu il a tout payé et ne veut pas entendre parler de remboursement. C'est un type épatant et extrêmement touchant, ténor dans le Dessoff Choir, dont Boepple est le chef.1 Dévoué comme pas un, et enthousiaste de musique (même bon ténor, avec ça!).

Peut-être voudras-tu lui mettre un mot, si cela ne t'ennuie pas.

Quant aux frais de douanes éventuels, il va sans dire que je les rembourserai à Roland dès mon arrivée. Il n'aura qu'à m'envoyer la note.

En hâte –

sempre lo stesso –


Embrasse ta femme pour moi, nom d'une pipe!

L'"Elégie Française" passe à la radio à Paris ,"Chaîne parisienne" (whatever that means!), le 24 nov., à 20h50. Direction: Jascha Horenstein.

Peut-être voudras-tu essayer de l'écouter.


New York, November 4th, 1947

Dear Ernst,

A package was sent consisting of baby things of all sorts, including woolen sweater-sets, shirts, buntings, shoes, flanel robes, as well as dresses, bibs and pillow cases and remnants of cotton goods with which your friends can make extra things for either the baby or mother or even shirts for papa. This package bore your name and address and the various government forms required were also made out with your name and address as sender.

In addition, I arranged for a complete Baby package to be delivered to them by C.A.R.E. This will contain diapers, shirts, night-gowns, receiving blankets, absorbent cotton, etc., and as these packages of American goods are in France already, there will be no duty to be paid by the Vermeulens – This too was sent in your name.

The package we sent contains no "new" clothing. I believe it will get by as "used" clothing, which, according to the French Consulate, "should be admitted without any duty or at most, a few cents" – – The Consulate employee my secretary spoke to, did not seem to be as definite about such an important matter as I should like – – Probably because of not having a complete knowledge of French Customs Regulations – Incidently, this package was sent via Insured Parcel Post.

I do hope they won 't have to pay any duty. There should be no shipping charges as that was taken care of here.

My desire to avoid having these unfortunates pay even a few cents of customs-duty, somewhat cramped the "composition".

All the woolens and baby clothes were brought in by a very sweet, young girl, a new member of our staff who was touched by the tough situation of the Vermeulens. Her name is Frances Deering, if you would like to write her a few lines.

Everything else is given happily. We, in America, who are so fortunate must help to heal the wounds of a sick world, for which we too cannot escape responsibility.

And further, it is such a pleasure for me to have this opportunity of showing my gratitude to you, who have done so much for the Dessoff Choirs.

With best to you and the Boepple's, as ever,


Mark Silverberg

Verblijfplaats: Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties UvA

  1. Paul Boepple (1896-1970), Zwitsers-Amerikaans koordirigent, specialist in oude muziek.